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Fog and Nature

SEOS: Scottish Earth Observation Service

Bringing together disparate land-mapping information for Scotland in one place

The Scottish Earth Observation Service (SEOS) brings together satellite data from Scotland’s leading Earth Observation (EO) and remote sensing public sector institutions and private companies, to give affordable, useful and tailored insights.


SEOS has been developed to enable businesses, existing and potential Scottish landowners and individuals to make informed decisions about their land use.

SEOS Covers 5 Key Themes:
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Future Woodlands

from £250

To inform where to plant, what to plant and understand what is there already.

Physical Climate Risks

from £250

To understand risks of sea level rise.

Natural Capital

from £250

To give a baseline and set ecological indicators.

Forestry Investment

from £500

To inform forestry valuation, investment decision making and targeting field resources. 

Carbon Assessment 

from £5000

You can commission a report from Treeconomy to assess your carbon code.

Take a look at the available data layers here

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