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Investment Reports

Helping inform forestry valuation, investment decision making and targeting field resources.

These Forestry Investment reports will give you a quick and accurate understanding of forest and land characteristics around Scotland that can affect the profitability of forestry investment. This includes detailed species height, coverage and constraints to extraction based on slope.

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These Forestry Investment reports can be used by investors to make decisions about which forests in Scotland to sell, purchase or for forestry managed investment analysts to assess future opportunities.


A key cost for companies selling, buying or felling forests is in the intensive time and fuel costs for ‘boots on the ground’ surveys to assess whether a forest is worth selling, buying or felling. 

Common in Scandinavia and North America, forest valuation assisted by remote sensing has not been accessed in the Scottish market. These reports use the latest satellite and LIDAR data combined with reference data to produce accurate species, height and percentage coverage reports.


Best used for: Commercial conifer stands, mature forests of mixed species 

Do not use for: Riparian woodlands, very fragmented or sparse woodlands, young trees (younger than 3 years)

Currently Available for 3 regions in Scotland:

Inverness/Aviemore, Fort William and Dumfries and Galloway*


Price: from £500 


*Premium insights are available for Dumfries and Galloway

*If you would like insights for a forest outside this area, contact us

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