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Fog and Nature

Natural Capital Report

Rapidly quantify baseline measurements for habitat and biodiversity

Agri-environment funding is changing with more importance being placed on habitat and biodiversity management such as the Payments for Outcomes Based Approach in Scotland (POBAS). 


This Natural Capital Report enables users to rapidly quantify baseline measurements for important features such as: 

  • land cover 

  • woodland cover

  • Biodiversity Score (Ecometrica methodology) 

  • soil type

  • identify if the area of interest is within an environmentally sensitive area. 


The report rapidly provides a baseline, covering natural capital indicators using trusted data sources in your area of interest to allow you to monitor how indicators change over time


Reduces costs and speed of fieldwork by assessing remotely with all the data in one place

Enables fieldwork to be targeted towards high biodiverse or carbon areas 


Scottish Government users may use this information to assess how effective the POBAS and other rural payment schemes are in protecting important habitats and conserving / improving biodiversity.


Best for: Land owners, agricultural agents, Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate, Scottish Government (RPID)

Users may also wish to subscribe to updates over time to monitor the impact of different management decisions and unlock different funding streams


July 2022 Update: New biodiversity data is now available for this report

Price: from £250

Get in touch here if you have more than one area.

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