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Physical Climate Risk

Quickly assess your area of interest's exposure to sea level rise in 2030 against different IPCC scenarios

The UK Met Office describes sea level rise as the dominant driver of increased coastal flood risk, both historically and in future projections of climate change. 2030 and 2050, often the target years, are now not far away.

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Exposure to flood risk and sea level rise is a key measure for making planning decisions and insurance. The Ecometrica Physical Climate Risks Report allows you to quickly assess your asset's exposure to sea level rise in 2030 against SSP5-8.5 scenario.


Physical climate risks represent an immediate threat to infrastructure, homes and cities that are crucial to human life. By understanding sea level rise risks it will help planners understand where assets are at highest risk of sea level rise and respond appropriately and identify areas as suitable or unsuitable for development depending on risk categorisation.  It will help businesses with assets in high risk areas deploy mitigation strategies, and provide vital information for insurance companies on the risk of different assets.


Best used for: locations of assets at risk 


Useful for: Estate agents, surveyors, insurance companies, businesses with assets at risk

Rapidly provides an assessment of sea level rise risk in your area of interest so that you can make decisions about the future. 


  • Saves time/money on independent sea level rise risk surveys 

  • Reduces risk of purchasing assets that are at high risk of physical climate risk damage 

  • Increases value of sites that are not at risk of sea level rise 

  • Enables early planning response in sea level rise risk areas

Price: from £250

Get in touch here if you have more than one area.

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